Confirm your spot for upcoming WAGGL rounds…

2 Upcoming rounds have been booked in….reply to this post on either the website or Facebook to confirm your spot. Please be clear which round you are and are not available for.
Glen Iris Public Golf Course

Booked – 12 players
Saturday 18 feb 12
8am tee time

Burswood Park Golf Course
Booked – 12 players
Saturday 25 feb 12
7.30am tee time
compulsary carts
$56.00pp ( ive pre-paid )

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  1. in for burswood out for glen iris- carter

  2. OUT for glen iris IN for bursy

  3. Very Professional, In for Burswood

  4. In for both, G.I. & B.R C.C

  5. Glen Iris IN
    Burswood TBC

  6. Sorry I’m out for both. Didn’t realise had cuz 30th day of bursy. Cheers

  7. In for Burswood (25th Feb) Out for Glen Iris (18th Feb)

  8. Chewy & Myself are in for Burswood, out for Glen iris!

  9. Right we have 8 confirmed for Burswood

    Glen Iris may be a late scratching due to lack of numbers

  10. Glen Iris – NO
    Burswood – YES

  11. Glen Iris – Yes
    Burswood – No

  12. We Now have 7 for Glen Iris

    Shaun Robbo
    Jarrad Zen
    Andrew Smith
    Andrew Meyers
    Brendan Elari
    Stuart Schober

    1 left then ill change booking to 2 groupings

  13. i’ll be there

  14. I have changed the groups from 3 – 2
    We have 7 confirmed ans a couple of drifters.
    Tee off time confirmed 8.35am
    See you boys there.

  15. Hey Boys,
    This stage we have:

    1. Robbo
    2. Smithy
    3. Alex
    4. JZ
    5. Jason D
    6. Scorch
    7. Matt
    8. Clint
    9. Justin
    10. Justin’s Mate?
    I have been unsuccessful in confirming “new blood” as the word is out im in red hot form and punters are reluctant on paying out!
    If anyone has a mate who wants a game please let me know as its been pre- paid!

    You can email me: …. if someone wants a game?

  16. Great round fellas

    I can’t make this weekend at Hill View

    Have fun and I’ll catch you the week after


  17. In for 10th and 24th at Hillview

    Can’t make the WAGGL open weekend – I’m in Kho Samui on 21/22 April

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