Introducing the New WAGGL Polo’s…

The reigning MASTERS CHAMP and current Race To Bali points leader endorses the new WAGGL Polo design…

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  1. Shirt looks awesome , pose is gayer than Tom Swift’s haircut!

    If you don’t own one yet , or would like another please forward the size required in a comment below.

    If you were one of the nine lucky players to snag themselves a piece of golfing history please deposit $50.00 into the following bank account, leaving your name or a shit joke in the narration.

    Andrew Smith
    Bsb: 306-085
    Account: 0218085

  2. Im in for 3 March 12,

    Out for 10 March.

  3. HAHAHAHA…. Tom Swift! good stuff! im out for 3 march, in for 10th march. will transfer you the $50 later this week Smitty. cheers!

  4. Paid today

    Cheers Smithy

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