Upcoming Rounds…


Only 3 confirmed for Hillview ( Shaun, Carter, Smudge) this week – so unless we have some more confirmations by 5pm tomorrow the round will be cancelled.

We still have a booking for 8 at Hillview the following week or a 755am tee off. (DeSilva, Clint, Carter, Smith, Justin, Zen confirmed so far)

In addition we also have a booking for 8 players onthe 24th of March at Maylands – Carter in so far…please also confirm your spot for this round (and others if you havent already).


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  1. Out for 3rd March, In for 10th March, 24th March.

  2. in for all….both Hillviews and Maylands

  3. C’mon guys get behind the website!! Great job Zen once again (that rhymes)

  4. Hillview this Saturday has been canned coz ur a bunch of CUNTS!

  5. Righto,

    Enjoy the weekend off boys.

  6. In for hillview out 24th as have wedding on

  7. Hillview 10th March OUT
    Maylands 24th March IN


  8. Out for 24th March @ Maylands – attending a wedding! good luck lads!

  9. out for 24th March!

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