Round sat march 31

2 groups 8.37am sorry boys only course not core and sanding

About longstoree


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  1. what is the course? and who the fuk is longstoree?

    you might want to pick a nickname that everyone knows about and refer to yourself as the same name in all posts

  2. Hillview gc longstoree

  3. Just to let everyone know…the course is HILLVIEW

    Smith in

  4. In for 31st wherever it is! Ya CAAAT!

  5. Clint and Chewy heatstroke Pegrum in

  6. Im in

  7. Out boys sorry for delay

  8. In if there’s a spot

  9. sorry boys, turns out i have to work this sat so cant make it to hillview. good luck!

  10. righto confirmed starters for this Saturday

    -robbie jnr

    2 spots still up for grabs

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