WAGGL Results 24th March 2012

Delightful conditions at the now ‘members only’ Maylands Country Club saw yet another cracking duel.

With Jarrad ‘Chivas Regal’ Zen and Andrew ‘Vodka n Red Bull’ Smith rolling up to first tee as if it was Round 2 of the upcoming Open Championship, the rest of the field felt confident that the two drunkards would be easily pushed aside in the race for RTB points.

Alas, it was not to be as the alcohol steaming from the pores of the two Junglists’ seemed to affect the rest of the field more than it did them. In the end a birdie at 18th was enough for Zen to take out lowest off the stick and overall honours.

It is now all tied at the top of the RTB between Smudge and Shaun, with Zen lurking dangerously in 3rd, 6 points off the pace. The RTB Leaderboard will be posted at the end of every month.

Round leaderboard below:

Bagooki took out the Closest To Pin with a jammy shot at the 5th and Carter took out the jackpotted Long Drive with his only fairway of the day.

A warm welcome to WAGGL debutant, Jobe. Not only did Travis shoot a tidy 18 over, look likely to give a few Long Drives a nudge, but more importantly he proved he will fit in well, with some tidy sniping of his opponents around the tee box. Welcome aboard and we look forward to your ‘2nd WAGGL Round’ jug, which has been a WAGGL tradition for over 15 years.

Lastly, well done to Scorch and Bagooki on joining the 20 round club and now possessing an accurate handicap.

Full results and updated handicaps below:

Click to enlarge:

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  1. Where’s this weeks poll??

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