Upcoming Rounds & all new RTB Standings page

An all new page has been added to the WAGGL website….RTB STANDINGS.

Click on the top menu and check your current positon. Here is a formula to determine whether you need to pull your finger out:



Congratulations to Smudge who has now opened up nice lead with a quarter of the season gone…favouritism for The Open looms.

Unfortunately, no Easter round this week (cheers Burswood). Hit the range instead – especially if you meet the criteria for the above formula.


Two further rounds have been booked:

14th April – Hillview GC, 2 groups, 645am tee off

21st April – Maylands Country Club, 2 groups, 730am tee off

Post a comment below to confirm that you are IN or OUT for each.

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  1. Hillview – OUT

    Maylands – IN


  2. Hillview – In

    Maylands Country Club – In

    RTB Leader

  3. Hillview – out

    Maylands – in

  4. 14/04 Hillview – OUT

    21/04 Maylands – IN


  5. 14th April – In
    21st April – In


  6. 14/04 Hillview – IN

    21/04 Maylands – IN


  7. hillview in

    maylands in

  8. stupid iphone app…said in for both ages ago and not on here!

    In for both pls

  9. Hillview – in
    Maylands – in

  10. In for Hillview, Out for Maylands…

    Chewy is out for both!

  11. In for Hillview if there is that last spot.
    Out for Maylands

  12. Just checked the numbers here….dans taken last spot at hillview this week. And afraid we are oversubscribed for maylands. First in best dressed so I’m afraid u miss out Mr Desilva – unless u want to call maylands and see if they will give us an extra group?

  13. Now out for this week 21st at Maylands as going to Brisvegas to watch Glory in the GF!
    Cmon GLORY!

  14. I’m also a late scratching for Maylands lads…off to tear Brisbane a new A-Piece

    Lets go fukn mental
    Lets go fukn mental
    na na na na ugggh!!

  15. CMON ON GLORY U B@ST@RDS! U CAN DO IT! on a side note… anxiously awaiting the latest update to this brilliant WAGGL forum… heard some gun has hit the “on” button & is quickly becoming a hot favourite for the open! 🙂

  16. Desilva replaces smudge, Matt hillhouse replaces Troy. 1 spot remaining to replace zen…Stuart?

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