WAGGL Results 14th April 2012

WAGGL’s 40th round saw a field of 8 players back at Hillview GC.

This weeks wrap up is proudly brought to you by the word ‘First’.

– First tee off before 7am of 2012….although sometimes it’s hard for some of you to get out of bed on a Saturday whilst it’s still dark, I think everyone can agree an early start every now and then is worth it. Lets not forget an early start results in an early finish which means more time to have a few drinks, a few punts or even take the missus out for a birthday lunch!

– First time this year we have run into recently cored & sanded greens….unfortunately it’s a neccessary evil of the game we play.

– First time a player has shot a 66 “clickity click” for the back 9….After a false start a month or so ago where he “forgot to set his alarm clock”, Jay finally made it down for a WAGGL round, smoked his first drive down the middle (which looks to be his best shot of the day). This score has set a new record, one which we hope will never be broken!

– First time both the CTP & LD have jackpotted in the same round….Yes that’s right, not one spacco could hit the green on the 8th, nor could any retard find the fairway on the notoriously hard to hold 18th! Therefore some easy money to be made this weekend at Maylands!

– First time 2 players have shared the lowest off the stick honours….Although this is to be confirmed. Clint & Carter both shooting a tidy 87 off the stick.

– First time Clint Pegrum has taken the outright win….with his handicap blowing out to a bandit like 19 for the first time, Clinnyboy took his opportunity with both hands. To say his game seemed to thrive on the slow and sandy greens, would be both funny and unfair. An extremely solid start complete with straight drives and a tidy short game, and numerous one putts, saw him open up a lead on the field which proved to be unassailable (although Troy tried to tell me he got within 2 shots on the front 9). In the end taking the match by 3 strokes.

Final Leaderboard:

Last chance to warm up for The WAGGL Open for some at Maylands Country Club @ 720am with 2 jackpots up for grabs – One more spot available…first in best dressed on a reply to this post.

Full results and updated handicaps below…

Author: Smudge.

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  1. Pretty sure you don’t get 12.5 RTB points for sharing the lowest off the stick


  2. nice work Smitty! good luck @ maylands this sat lads… wld luv 2 be there with ya’s, but looks like 9 @ embo will have 2 be my final prep for the open! 🙂 catch ya @ secret harbour next week!

  3. Im in for Maylands

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