REMINDER – WAGGL Open Prizes (and Round 1 Groups)

Those who are set to line up in the WAGGL Open next weekend…a reminder to sort out both your premium $10 prize and your booby prize for next weekend. This is non-negotiable requirement as you cannot win the trophy without supplying both prizes!

In further news, another secretive WAGGL committee meeting took place during the week in unnamed inner city bar…

For those of you who missed the live feed on Justin TV – a recorded video of the random WAGGL Open draw can be seen here:

To confirm – First round groups @ Secret Harbour are as follows (as described by former Dapto race caller A. H. Carter):

Group 1 – ‘Group of 3’

  • Jarrad Zen
  • Dan Macedonian
  • Chewy Chan

Group 2 – ‘Team Bum Pat’

  • Chris Sciortino
  • Clint Pegrum
  • Shaun Saffa
  • Troy Pegrum

Group 3 – ‘Group of Death’

  • Andrew Smith
  • Alex Carter
  • Jason Desilva
  • Matthew Bagooki

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