WAGGL Open 2012 form guide…

As is a tradition in WAGGL before any major tournament we take time to examine the current form of each player in the field. This year, however, we have the added opportunity to vote for you personal favorite. Given the egos of most WAGGLers, the poll will allow you to vote for yourself and who you think will finish second.


4/1  – Shaun ‘MASTERS CHAMP’ Robertson

After dominating the last MASTERS tournament and currently having the best RTB per game ratio in 2012, it’s no suprise that the current MASTERS CHAMP is a clear Open favorite. With an exemption on his tee off time on Sunday, the rest of the field’s hopes may rest with DeSilva putting the bum pats aside and applying some mental pressure on day 2.

NOTES: Will be up there.

7/1 – Matthew ‘Bagooki’ Baginski

Lead up form plays a massive part in determining major favoritism for this Jim Furyk fan, his 7/1 rating looks good value after a dominant performance last weekend. Off a generous handicap of 27, a minimum top 3 finish looms.

NOTES: Day 2 the key.

7/1 – Andrew ‘Smudge’ Smith

The man currently dominating the RTB leaderboard. As a consistent performer the self-styled ‘best putter in WAGGL’ will be feeling hugely confident of playing in the final group on Sunday. However, missing his first ever WAGGL round in the lead up not the ideal preparation.

NOTES: handicap (18) lowest at lowest in some time

8/1 – Clint ‘DNF’ Pegrum

Another with great lead up form and formerly a solid 15 handicapper. Clint goes into the tournament will course knowledge his only barrier to victory but a handicap of 18 will help.

NOTES: Yet to play either course.

8/1 – Jarrad ‘Red Shoes’ Zen

Rumoured to be in good from across his last few rounds outside of WAGGL, this former MASTERS CHAMP would expect to be in the mix. Will the new one-legged swing lessons pay off?

NOTES: As always, GIR’s stats are vital.

8/1 – Alex ‘Scammer’ Carter

One of WAGGL’s most consistent performers. The stats don’t lie and this inaugural members deserves his 12 handicap. A sensational ‘pull’ after round 1 resulted in his worst ever golf score at the last major, but recent marriage looks to have tamed this lion.

NOTES: Accuracy off the tee will determine success.

11/1 – Dan ‘The Bandit’ Cagz

Always unpredictable. With only a handful of rounds under his belt this season, Dan looks to be the most unknown quantity in The Open field. Course knowledge? Unknown. True current form? Unknown. Big game player? Unknown.

NOTES: Fcuk knows. Could do anything.

15/1 – Troy ‘Mole’ Pegrum

Would normally be considered a real contender but recent form is poor and temperament even worse. However, having recently replaced with R11 with a lacy bra, he could now have the confidence needed to get back to form.

NOTES: Temper, temper, temper.

20/1 – Jason ‘Aravinda’ DeSilva

Looks to be a much improved player this season and high handicap will help. Capable of playing better than his handicap on standard courses but how will he cope with big stage?

NOTES: Must remember not to leave driver on the back seat of his mum’s car.

75/1 – Chewy ‘Pegrum’ Chhan

Having recently overcome a bout of dehydration in scorching 25 degree weather, Chewdogg returns to the field in search of the white polo he lost at the last major tournament. May be haunted by 18 shots in a bunker.

NOTES: Capable of going on a run of holes but concentration the key.

100/1 – Chris ‘Scorch’ Sciortino

Has shrugged off recent suggestions he has been ‘managing’ his handicap in preparation for The Open. Golf gods not on his side at present.

NOTES: Confucius say – Driver 160 metres into bush, better than 4 iron 80 metres into bush.

POLL to follow…

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