WAGGL Open Quaddie

As mentioned yesterday:


  • Each player is required to have a $10 share in the Ascot quaddie for Saturday
  • Players will have until 2pm Friday to have there selections included.
  • Quaddie will be placed Friday evening, final consultation on quaddie will be made by Scorch, Carter and Smith
  • Scorch will ensure the $110 is TAB account and placed Friday evening.
  • All players to reimburse Scorch on Saturday.

This post is now your opportunity to get your selection in…use the comments section below.

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  1. Race 8 – Cassidy cowboy.

  2. I trust Smithy to pick the horse on my behalf. Proven system.
    Early to bed boys.

  3. Mine and Longstoree’s tips

    5) 2/6

    6) 1/2/4

    7) 6/7/9

    8) 5/6/11

  4. might have to also throw in the 9 in the last

    unbeaten first up

  5. Thanks boys – have these will be in consultation shortly

  6. Bagooki SELECTS:

    R5: 1/7

    R6: 1/2

    R7: 6/9

    R8: 7/8/9

  7. Quaddie On – Thanks All

    Race 5 1.​2.​4.​6.​7.​8
    Race 6 1.​2.​4
    Race 7 4.​6.​7.​9
    Race 8 5.​6.​7.​8.​9.​11

    Flexi 25.46%
    Total Cost $110.00

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