WAGGL Rounds for May 2012

In a new booking format for WAGGL, the full month rounds have been booked…reply to this post and clearly state who you are and which rounds you are in for.

If a round is fully booked and you want to play – First notify a committee member then you may be able to try to add to the booking if authorised.

Sounds extreme – but we wont tolerate any more no-shows, late shows or late cancellations. Its hard enough to get bookings and it hurts the clubs name when cant fill a booking.

Saturday, 5 May 2012 Round 44 Hill View 8:30am, 8:37am 8 Players
Saturday, 12 May 2012 Round 45 Hill View 8:23am, 8:30am 8 Players
Saturday, 19 May 2012 Round 46 Maylands 7:03am, 7:10am 8 Players
Saturday, 26 May 2012 Round 47 Maylands 10:05am, 10:12am 8 Players

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  1. Carter in 44,46,47 out for 45

  2. Desilva in for round 44, 46 and 47
    Out for round 45

  3. Smith in for 44, 46, 47

    Out for 45

  4. In – Round 46
    Out – Round 44, 45 and 47.

  5. In 46 & 47

  6. in for 45 and 47

  7. Zen.
    Out 44, 45, 46
    In 47.

  8. In for 44, 46 & 47.
    our for 45

  9. OUT: 44
    IN: 45,46,47

  10. Reblogged this on WAGGL and commented:

    Seems this weekend’s round (round 44) is cancelled unless we get at least 2 more?

  11. Again I’ve already blogged but it’s not showing again. Hopefully this works as The Open Champ is in for all rounds!

  12. Chewy Buuncy Krispy Kreme Pegrum Chhan has just advised me that he is out for the month of May due to “work” committments. I believe the real reason is because 1. he’s still coming to terms with Port Kennedy and more so 2. he’s very upset that Zen stretched his shirt from a L to a XXL.

    C’mon boys, one more player for this week!

  13. I think he might find 8 Krispy Kremes was responsible for at least one of those shirts sizes!

  14. Gents
    Something personal has come up. I can’t play this weekend. I apologise.

  15. Can only play 46 if poss – Jobe

  16. Saturday 19th May – Maylands 7am

    Looks like we now have 8 players (with Scorch and Jobe dropping out)


    Looking forward to seeing some low scores now that we are back to an “easier” course!

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