WAGGL Rounds for 19th and 26th of May


Bit of an update to make it clear what the score is over the next two weekends…

This weekend in what is now Round 44 (listed as 46 in previous post):

19th May – Maylands Country Club 7am tee off – 8 Players confirmed:

  • Carter
  • Desilva
  • Smith
  • Robbo
  • Clint
  • Bagooks
  • Justin
  • Troy (OPEN CHAMP)

26th May – Maylands Country Club 10am – 8 Players confirmed (in order of confirming their spot):

  • Carter
  • Desilva
  • Smith
  • Shaun
  • Dan
  • Zen
  • Clint
  • Bagooks

Which leaves Troy without a spot – Get a call in to Maylands OPEN CHAMP!

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  1. Well we can’t have The Open Champ not playing when he wants to play…so I’ll book me n you Baginski in tomorrow for next weekend as there’s rumours going around that your booking skills are wanting…

  2. Gents apologies for the late scratching, but I will not be available to play this saturday 26th May

  3. Found out today i have sat 26 off… Any chance I can get in on this? Cheers, Matt hillhouse

  4. Hey Matt, happy to give you another shot. Don’t be late for this one!

  5. Cool. I’ll be at Maylands around 9am. I won’t even go to Hillview this time!

  6. “wagglmatt”? thats a big call mate…you’ve only played one round!

  7. Stuart "Crusher" Schober

    Any more room on Saturday ???

  8. Stuart "Crusher" Schober

    Just gave them a call no joy. If you know of anyone dropping out give me a buzz if you can. Cheers !! 0421119805

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