WAGGL Results 19th May 2012

After a couple of false starts due to, what will be now known as the “Open Hangover”, WAGGL was back at Maylands Country Club for round 44.

Players were greeted by clear skies, a light breeze (standard conditions for a Perth winter), and due to a Pro-Am taking place during the week, a course in tip top condition.

The “early” tee off time of 7am proved a challenge for the Pegrums, making the journey from Nollamara to Maylands in record time and with the petrol light flashing!

Fortunately the Pegrums made it just in time to form group 2 and to see Justy finally collect his WAGGL polo.

Group 1 of Aravinda, Smith, Bagooki & Carter, had a tidy start with 3 of the 4 players notching pars on the 1st hole. Smith and Bagooki went on to have a largely uninspiring round, with Bagooki’s highlights being a few straight drives and a putt ‘lay up’ out of the rough 12th, while Smith’s best efforts of the day were in the portable toilet at the 4th, in the clubhouse toilet after the 9th and a 60degree wedge over the trees to save par on the 2nd.

Aravinda continued his good form from The Open, his solid front 9 score had him thinking a long standing side bet with Troy was there for the taking! Alas it wasn’t to be, not all was lost though, after finishing the round with a tidy 5 under his handicap scoring him an RTB point.

The standout performance of group 1 was a “wide-arc” masterclass from the Alex “Scammer” Carter. A self described round of good scramble play and solid work on and around the greens saw Alex notch his lowest WAGGL score of 76 off the stick! Very impressive indeed.

Group 2 didn’t miss out on being treated either with Robbo, Justy & Clint being treated to the pungent aromas of various forms of alcohol emanating from Troys pores!

Another WAGGL round for Troy with little to no sleep the previous night resulted in a forgettable round for The Open Champ, an 11 on the par 5 14th with 2 balls in the drink, but a solid 7 iron on the CTP hole saved the day for him taking home the lobster.

Justy proved the old adage of “when you look good, you play good”, with his newly acquired WAGGL polo being a major factor in him being awarded the inaugural “Shaun Robertson Encouragement Award”. His playing partners witnessed a solid all round game with the highlight being an almost slam dunked recovery shot over the reeds on the 5th, finishing the day with a tidy 87 off the stick, we are yet to see him play any back-to-back WAGGL rounds this year which leads me to believe he is only good when fresh?

The only player to put any leaderboard pressure on Carter during the round, Clinnyboy, WAGGLs resident lefty, binned 3 birdies (a PB!) and wowed the gallery with a 3wood over the trees on the par 5 14th to reach the green in 2! Wish we had footage of this one!

“Mr Encouragement” aka Robbo was there abouts for most of the day, but a few blowouts on the back 9 killed off any chances of a handicap win. But he wasn’t to leave the course empty handed, taking out his frustrations and the $20 for the LD on the 18th as well as a BetFair account full to the brim!

CTP – Troy

LD – Robbo

Lowest off Stick – Carter

Handicap win – Carter

*Footnote* – The traditional WAGGL post game “Putt Off” has had a few rule tweaks/improvements (these will be added to the rules of WAGGL page on the website), The Putt Off is now a very realistic way for players who have had a bad day on the course to still take some cash home at the end of the day. All players are encouraged to hang around after the round and take over the practice green for whichever course we play on!

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