WAGGL Results 27th May 2012

A delightful morning greeted WAGGLers at the first tee of Maylands Country Club. Shame about the staff,  who once again proved that even with their ’20 years of experience’ they are still yet grasp the concept of ‘public’ and ‘golf course management’.

Despite this the WAGGL field remained unperturbed and got straight into the with swing of things…25mins after their scheduled tee time.

As group 2 tee’d up at the second hole it was obvious that this round had already been won with Clint Pegrum having birdied the 1st hole to take an unassailable lead. As such, the remaining 3 players in Clint’s group busied themselves with deciding on nicknames for the self styled WagglMatt with the new quickest swing in WAGGL.

Matt ‘Hillview’ Hillhouse?

Matt ‘Velocity’ Hillhouse?

Matt ‘Velocity Virgin’ Hillhouse?

Matt ‘Velocity Raptor’ Hillhouse?

…with Troy finally settling on the very succinct Matt “Virgin Velocity Raptor’ Millhouse.

Group 2’s preoccupation with new nicknames meant that they had failed to notice the much improved form of Aravinda (who narrowly avoided early disqualification) and Bagooki in the extremely slow front group. By the turn it seemed that Clints lead was very much assailable as Bagooki and he finished tied on-6 par.

By hole 13 it was obvious that  not having had to pay green fees was causing unbridled joy to flow through every cell in Bagooki’s body, which in turn was having a direct effect on his swing.  Safe in the knowledge that he was a winner no matter the result,  even 2 lost balls (donated by PK driving range?) on the 14th failed to dampen his spirits  as he went on to seal victory on the 18th with a tidy par and 89 off the stick from a fast finishing Dan ‘Meat Tray’ Cagz.

Dan himself was no stranger to controversy with a two-hit tee shot somehow winning him the CTP $20 prize at the par 3 5th but ruled him out of the ‘Spirit of WAGGL’ award for 2012. That, combined with a big drive at the 18th and the lowest off the stick prize meant ‘the bandit’ took home $50. A tidy sum but nothing in comparison to Bagooki’s $54* (free round @$24 saving plus $30 handicap win!)

Full result and updated handicaps. Click to enlarge.

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  1. No mention on the 4 pars in a row? Making a charge home from -1 to get within 1 shot of bagooki leading into the 18th? Haha

  2. No mention of Carter being taken off in a Wambulance to Princess Margaret to have his appendix out?

    Also can I suggest the nickname “Matt Hillviewhouse”

  3. Couldnt add that cos they still havent decided on the combined technical term for osteitis pubis, chronic fatigue, appendicitis, softcockitis and hypochondria.

  4. Can anyone elaborate on the Dan “Meat Tray” Cagz nickname?

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