Updated RTB Standings

With the WAGGL Open and 4 more rounds behind us, Smudge has once again taken the lead in the RTB standings with a lead of 9 points from Zen.

Its might tight at the top though with only 24.5 points separating the top 5 golfers. Horse and Mole lie only a win further back making for a congested leaderboard as we head to half way point of the season.

Click on the RTB Standings tab at the top of the page to view the updated standings.


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  1. Is that photo from the course we will be playing in Bali?

  2. Ken Oath – 170m Par 3 at Nirwana!

  3. Site suggestion: Is it possible to maybe have the details of the next round at the top of page?

  4. User Suggestion: Learn how to use a computer

  5. Gents

    Rod Weston, the Accountant / Business Adviser who invited us to play at Gosnells, has asked that I pass on information about becoming members there. It is a bloody hard course (at least it was for me; no surprise there).

    The details are at http://www.gosnellsgc.com.au :
    Membership Rates
    Full 7 Day $2127.80
    Six Day $1813.40
    Weekday $1422.10
    9 Holes $ 782.10
    Associates $1482.20
    Fly in Fly out 30% discount to normal fee.

    Also let me know if we want to get a round in for WAGGL one week and Rod can hopefully ‘tee it up’ for us and let us know costs etc. It seems Sundays may be the ‘public’ day at the course….


  6. not keen for membership, definitely keen for another round there though

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