WAGGL Results 2nd June 2012

Another cracking winters morning greeted WAGGL to, for the first time ever, Carramar GC.

With Dan “Meat Tray” Cagz being a late scratching due to a case of the squirts, a field of 7 players took to the frosty first tee.

(Jason DeSilva fills us in on group 1’s round)

Beautiful weather and a beautiful course made for some ugly golf in the first group of 3; Desilva, Jobe and Stuart, and let me tell you, Dan wasn’t the only one havin’ the shits!

DeSilva’s driving & iron play and lapse back to the risky-play of old, flukily saved him into mediocrity. But too many putts (culminating in a putter throw & subsequent disqualification from the “Spirit of WAGGL award”) were the name of the game for him, including 3 missed all-too-casual tap-ins on one hole for a personal best 5putt! Birdie and par opportunities were “plentiful” yet none were converted. The effect of the half time chilli-beef-and-cheese pie on Desilva’s guts would have given Smith’s Maylands lavatory effort a run for his money! (we may have had the shits but at least we turned up for the round)

Smokin’ the driver off most tees and some tidy iron play when finding the fairways, the highlight being almost driving the green on a par four (only to land in a bunker on the edge of the green), had Stuart looking at opening his WAGGL handicap in the mid to low 20’s. But when the driver went missing off the tee, it almost resulted in the child protection authority being called to the course, as Crusher proceeded to slide his balls up against almost every blackboy on the course. With some ‘handicap management’ on the back 9 Crusher is now a sure contender now that he’s not playing off scratch.

Jobe warmed to the impeccably slick and challenging greens , with more than a few ‘monster’ putts saving him after some wayward shots off the tee. He may have played even better if not being destracted by Desilva’s 5 putt, and distant shouts of F&*#K!!! from Troy in group 2. Unfortunately iron play was Jobe’s downfall on the day, choosing to slow the pace down by hitting many shots up the middle 20m at a time (another example of handicap management you’d think?). All in all, also a real contender now that he has an official WAGGL handicap.

Group 2 consisting of Troy, Clint, Scorch & Smith got off to an encouraging start. Scorch having to chip out of trouble after his drive cruelly found a blackboy, followed up with a sweetly struck 9 iron to the green and a most unlucky putt which deserved to drop. Smith & Troy both recorded tidy pars, but it was Clint for the 3rd WAGGL round in a row opening the day with an impressive birdie (could this be considered a “turkey”?)

From this point on Clint put his foot down, playing his newly acquired “stand & deliver” style off the tee, which saw him build a handy lead over the front 9, at one stage taking a seemingly unassailable 5 stroke lead over the nearest challenger.

Troy Pegrum, the player with the blue bag, blue shorts, and an even bluer turn of phrase when things are not quite going his way, was having a day to forget. Already disqualified from the “Spirit of WAGGL award for 2012” and with a ‘nothing to lose’ attitude, several club throws interspersed with bag & buggy kicks had his playing group thinking he could walk off the course at any moment. That was until, on the 10th tee the golfing allahs finally smiled upon him, delivering into his limited range of vision a crisp blue $10 note! As word quickly spread amongst the crowd of his lucky pick up, shouts of “your buy” resonated from the gallery.

The love/hate relationship between Scorch and his driver came to an inexplicable climax on the 12th tee. After pulling his first shot into the rough and his provisional shot into a similar area, he proceeded to recreate his last swing to try and work out exactly why he was pulling it hard left, only to brush the head of the driver lightly across the turf resulting in a fracture of the lower shaft! However this was to prove a blessing in disguise as his iron play was a joy to behold in the run to the clubhouse.

A couple of untidy holes from Clint combined with a run of pars for Smudge and Troy, saw the two aforementioned players cut Clint’s lead to just 1 shot at the 15th hole. A seemingly easy to find but errant tee shot from Troy revealed that he was not the only male using the flouro version these days. With 2 flouro balls found in the vicinity, neither of which were his, resulted in a costly dropped shot after having to play his provisional.

But it was on the shortest par 3 where, some would say, the days winner was decided. Clint’s 9 iron finding one of the front bunkers, Smudge finding the back of the green and Troy finding a muddy hole to the left of the green. Clint put himself back in the drivers seat playing a delightful sand wedge to within a foot of the pin for a tap-in sand save, Troy could not do much with his unfortunate lie resulting in a further dropped shot. Smudge knew that he had to go for broke with this putt, and with his first WAGGL win for the year insight, binned a miraculous 20 footer for birdie.

All tied up with 2 holes to play, it was down to who could hold their nerve. A double bogey for Clint and a bogey for Smudge on the 17th saw Smudge take the lead into the final hole.

With the added incentive of the 18th hole also being the Longest Drive prize hole and handicap honours also up for grabs, nerves were plentiful in the “home straight”. Clint’s booming drive found the middle of the fairway just outdoing Troy’s by less than a grip to take out the $20. The 2nd shots from both Clint and Smudge found the left and right rough respectively, Clint’s unfortunately found a dreaded blackboy and Smudge’s luckily came to rest in the light rough. Smudge then nervously closed out the match with a 2putt for a 1 stroke win.

With all players agreeing on the exceptional overall condition of the course, WAGGL will be looking to get back to Carramar in the very near future.

CTP – Jackpot

LD – Clinnyboy

Handicap – Smudge

Lowest off Stick – Smudge

Final Leaderboard:

Full results and updated handicaps. Click to enlarge.

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