WAGGL Results 9th June 2012

Another week of WAGGL, another new course, another mild winters day and another new WAGGLer added to the exclusive roster.

8 players took the scenic trek north along Wanneroo Road to Sun City Country Club.

This week Chris Sciortino and Troy Pegrum fill us in on the battle for handicap honours, a CTP Jackpot and the coveted RTB Points that come with the glory.

As reported by Chris ‘Scorch’ Sciortino:

The journey was long, the reward was sweet. This was running through the minds of the combatants as they rolled up to peaceful surroundings of Sun City.

I was met at the clubhouse by a young boy, no one in sight…. Had i got the days wrong?? I was pleasantly surprised when the rat bag was swiftly dischaired by an old dude, who promptly added ‘Smith Party’ – let the games begin!!

The first group started with a flurry, WAGGL’s newest member, Nigel showing he was a contender with a booming drive straight down the centre met with praise from the gallery and murmers of ‘who’s this Shark Robbo’s brought down?’. Arivinda sporting brown leathers had a calming aura about him – which i later found out was a result of ‘JB and Cola 10am cleanser.’

The 5th hole saw Robbo’s 2nd approach shot fly the back of the green – with a potential ‘green in 2’ gone astray – he walked away shaking his head with a Bogey 5.

Other moments included great Robbo and Nigel drives, Arinvda saying ‘never again’ followed by ‘that not how i play – Over the Top!’

I can personally gloat on well struck 5iron 2nd shot on the 10th (1st), sadly the birdy opportunity was missed but the par was as good a result (like me not buying another Driver!!)

The CTP 12th (3rd) was a challenging 146m par 3- Shaun crisply struck 6iron was put within a miserly 33ft – proved enough to take the Jackpotted cash.

The 18th was highlighted with Robbo’s 5 iron skipping up to the hole, leaving a 3 ft eagle attempt… Only to limp the putt up – but a firmer strike secured a well deserved birdie to finish off proceedings!!

Well played by all.

Troy picks up the action from group two:

The cool overcast conditions had us thinking maybe just for today the course would be known as Overcast City Country Club
Being given the “visitors” carts (cobwebs and faulty bag straps free of charge) along with being sent to the 10th tee to start our round, made us really feel welcomed. Troys much maligned r11 was forced back into action this week, after breaking the handle on the old trusty.

A large bucket of balls & a reset of the club resulted in a consistent punch drive hitting most FIR, and feeling good about a won bet not going to waste.

Clint looked good early yet again, woo-ing the galleries with that now famous ‘stand n deliver’ smash drive. Smith again firming his name as WAGGLs #1 putter with numerous drainos from outside 5 feet with a few 1 putts thru the round, though as always his driver let him down.
Chewy consistently in the bush, pulling most drives until his care-free approach in the final stages had him hitting cleaner shots, with better results.

The CTP Jackpot hole had everyone on edge, with group two spying the shot to beat was well left of the pin, some were heard to remark “if you hit the green, you win it”. Alas none of the four players in this group could even find the green, and with Troy running his 2nd shot through the green and into the front bunker, chipping out, we were to then have the privilege of witnessing some of the most retarded bogan shit we have experienced in the clubs history. Whilst Troy was lining up to putt out, one of the cockheads in the following group decided that shouting “HURRY UP!!” would be funny. To be fair there have been times when it would have been well within their rights to tell me to hurry up, but at this point in time, it was totally uncalled for.

Teeing off on the next hole, as the group of cockheads approached the previous green, all four WAGGL players demonstrated their disgust in a tirade of four letter expletives. The barrage of foul language and the request to know who yelled out, had the group of cockheads pointing the finger at each other, it was at this point we knew we were dealing with a foursome of retards so we left it at that.

2 holes later and with adrenalin still in his body, Clint smashes a drive that looks to have traveled a conservative 280m (downhill).

With Troy holding a 2 shot lead from Clint heading into the last par 5 it was down to the two Pegrums. Clint stands and delivers to the centre of the fairway, Troy lands his just off into the rough. Troy’s nervous 2nd shot finds water, yet Clint doesn’t take advantage of Troy’s lapse in concentration putting his ball in the rough 20m to the right of green. After taking a point of entry drop Troy’s 4th shot lands near the green side bunker, Clint’s 3rd shot out of the rough keeps the pressure well and truly on landing on the green 10ft from cup. With mega poo in his tennis shorts Troy swipes a sweet wedge over bunker to within 2ft. Clint finishes with a 2 putt par. Troy manages to handle the pressure finishing off the round with a downhill slider to take the handicap win by 1 stroke.

CTP (Jackpot) – Robbo
LD – Jackpot
Handicap – Troy
Lowest off stick – Troy

A further congratulations to the current MASTERS CHAMP on being an official waggl handicapper. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Thanks to Scorch & Troya for the contribution to the write up, nice work lads!

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