WAGGL Results 21st July 2012

Short and short summary for last weekends round:

  • Course management were out to make us pay for not rocking up the previous week, made us play Lakes & the par 37 Heritage 9
  • Clint won $55, CTP & Handicap honours
  • Mitre smashed one 300m and took out the LD lobster
  • Troy hit a 9 & a 10
  • Zen was shaping it left & right but hit a 12
  • Smith chipped in on the 8th
  • Scorch was inspired briefly after hearing about a winning race punt
  • Carter trained with Callies on Thursday & was sore
  • Bagooki had a lovely lie-in
  • no one broke 90 off the stick
  • Heritage was poo bang (with the exception of the Pegrums – who loved it)

No round this week with numerous players out for varying reasons.

WAGGLs 50th Birthday round is set for the following week at Araluen – clear your diaries. Details to follow.

Full results and updated handicaps. Click to big it up massive.


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  1. Afternoon WAGGL Committee. Has the committee taken into account that the 50th celebrations are to going to clash with the Western Derby this week? I would be very keen to watch West Coast pump the purple sewerage.
    Thankyou plis

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