Saturday 4th August

2 groups booked  –  7:30am tee off (which gives us plenty of time to get home or to pub to watch the Derby)

Chequers GC,-31.642435,116.016876&cid=0,0,1082254475368931008&hq=chequers+golf+club&hnear=0x2a32966cdb47733d:0x304f0b535df55d0,Perth,+WA&ei=oW8YUPbtI8zvmAX944GoCg&sqi=2&ved=0CJYBEJ4CMAA

New course which is a little bit outside of the “golden triangle” but at least we get to play golf and will be a good tune up for Araluen the following week

Please let us know if you’re in below

About wagglsmith

drives for show...putts for dough

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  1. Smith – In

  2. Out. Knee.

  3. Shaun robertson

    Robbo in

  4. Hillview in

  5. Stuart 'fizzler' schober

    In with bells n whistles

  6. Boys I’m a scratching too!

  7. Don’t you fuckers cancel this!!

  8. somebody bought a new driver 😉

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