WAGGL 50th – Inaugural Ambrose comp

Gents – this weekend – 11th August sees the first ever WAGGL Ambrose…

Tee off will be an early 7am at Araluen.

This comp is not for the  faint and gay-hearted.

FINAL FIELD CONFIRMED – Rules as follows:

1. 4 ball Ambrose:

TEAM 1 – Carter (12), Scorch (27), Zen (17) and first drawn from the hat – handicap will be 15.

TEAM 2 – Shaun (13), Clint (18) and remaining 2 players left in the hat – handicap will be 13.

HANDICAP calculated as TOTAL TEAM HANDICAP/4 x 0.8

2. $20 per player plus WAGGL kitty – winning team takes all.

3. Playing off the back tees.

4. Preferred lies everywhere within 1 club length, no closer to the hole.

5. Each team must use 3 drives from each player

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  1. Most probably out. Will check with the surgeon.

  2. Robbo in….

  3. In for the Curtley Comp. Troya

  4. field confirmed – post updated above.

  5. So it’s best ball including putts?

  6. Stuart 'fizzler' schober

    Gad damn it 😦 out.

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