Upcoming Rounds September 8th & 15th CANCELLED.

2 Rounds have been booked for September

8th September – Glen Iris GC – 2 groups, tee time 7:15am

15th September – Hillview GC (the good 18!) – 2 groups, tee time 8:20am

Please reply below if you are in or out for both dates (e.g. In – Glen Iris, Out – Hillview)

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  1. In – Glen Iris
    In – Hillview

  2. out-_Glen Iris
    IN-Hillview (definately hillview and Maylands 😉

  3. Glen Iris – out
    Hillview – In (Its the course they named after me so fk yeah!)

  4. OUT both.

  5. Iris – out down south
    Hillview – out wedding

  6. IN GI
    OUT HV

  7. out for both lads… bday & wedding to attend! good luck

    Chew man foo says out for both too! 🙂

  8. So do we have a game tomorrow?

  9. yep 1 group, Prezzo’s Cup – Smith Robbo Carter Zen

  10. What’s this crap about cancelled?

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