October WAGGL Rounds

Hillview (Ryan)
Sat 6th Oct – 8.23am 8 – lakeside/classic

Maylands (Justin/Alex)
Saturday 13th October – 8 – 7.38am – 2 groups
Saturday 20th October – 8 – 7.31am – 2 groups

Please reply below if you are in for this Saturday at least.

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  1. Out – 6th Oct
    In – 13th/20th Oct

  2. in 6th, 13th & 20th as long as we have numbers

  3. In for all

    Alex the names are the people who took the booking I’d say

  4. Stuart 'fizzler' schober

    In 6th and 13th out 20 th

  5. IN – 6TH
    IN – 13TH
    OUT – 20TH

  6. Out 6th, In 13th, Out 20th

  7. I’m in for all of em!

    Chewy only in for 20th!

  8. 6 – in
    13 – in
    20 – in

  9. In for the 6th
    Out for the rest

  10. Out 6th – work 😦

  11. Once again the golfing Allahs have smiled upon WAGGL

    Tomorrows forecast – Sunny 26 degrees!!

  12. In for 13th…. out for the 20th

  13. After much kicking in the balloon knot by my fellow Wagglers I’m in now for the 20th if spots still available.

  14. I’ll take the last spot.

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