Saturday July 6 – Collier Park

Gents – I have pre-payed and booked 2 groups

12noon tee-off

Please comment below if you’re in or out (1st in best dressed)


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drives for show...putts for dough

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  1. Smith – In
    Troya – In
    Clint – In

  2. Out – Zen.

  3. Christian – In

  4. Christian in??

  5. Sorry I misread your message Troya, thought he was still in Perth

    Christian – OUT!

  6. Jason DeSilva


  7. Stuart In

  8. Back in action 2 weeks

    Alex Carter

  9. I’m in if possible

  10. Is there any Andy Capp changes at all WAGGL Committee?

  11. We still got a Round 2moro??

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