RESULTS – Glen Iris – 29th March

Though it was announced that last weekend’s round was not a WAGGL sanctioned event (due to a lack of numbers), the committee has decided that though there was no prize money played for, RTB points will be rewarded (for participation and sub par only) and round scores will be accounted for towards handicaps to the 4 player field.  This ruling will also be in place for future ‘small’ fields (6 players or less).

The 4 man field of Troya, Smith, Robbie and Robbo enjoyed motorised carts, a rainless rain expected day and Robbo’s debaucherous holiday stories.  No cash prizes up for grabs, but a suitable side bet replacement of Smith’s introduction of, let’s call it “Chips Shoot Out, Shoot Out”. Rule is, from a similar ball position on the course, players can challenge each other on that shot for poker chips, player with most poker chips…free drinks! E.g. Smith challenges Robbo to hit the green as they are both around 100m out, whoever hits closest to pin (have to hit the green to qualify), wins other player’s chip.

With this nice little side game going, Robbie takes out the 2nd shot at the par4 4th, after Robbo’s challenge on his ball just being off the green. Dark green off, light green on Robbo.  Smith takes out closest to the pin at the par3 8th, with a cracker just under 2m from the cup and Troya takes the chip count with a double chip win on the duckshi* sponsored par3 16th and the free Bulmers.

Special mentions:

Robbo and Smith’s “TV golf” birds at the short par4 14th

Robbo and Smith’s Boonyesque back 9, dropping beers and JDs

Robbie’s walk in putts

Robbo picking out Smith’s ball from the drink after telling Smith’s ball it “has the distance”

Special unmentions:

Robbo’s advice to Smith’s ball whilst in flight towards the drink, that it “has the distance”

Robbo proving he really is besties with Zen after showing us pics of himself in all Kari white

Results and revised handicaps below:



Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 12.17.16 am


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