RESULTS – 17th May – Collier Park

In the final hit out before the 2014 WAGGL Open, forward tees, lovely weather and hardly a breeze brought some unusually high scores…or did it. Welcome to Tankgate round.

Only 1 player went under par and you wouldn’t have guessed it, from all the complaining, but congratulations to Robbie on his (dummies guide to banditry) 7 under (91), which consisted of a par and 2 birdies, the first at the par5 5th with a great 3rd approach shot to within 4 feet and the second, a miraculous 15m winding downhill putt from off the back the green, to an unsighted cup.

The low stick and fastest tongue went to TommyGun with a consistent 86, which entailed 6 pars.

CTP went to Big (score) Stuey with a lovely short iron to within a couple of feet. LD to be jackpotted to the next WAGGL round after the Open as no one could find the short stuff.

Special mentions:

Congratulations to Tommy after completing his 3rd WAGGL round, qualifying him for the Open with a 13 handicap

Zen’s 63m chip in for birdie at the par4 4th

Special unmentions:

Pusey and Chewy’s 10s at the par5 5th (refer tips from Robbie boys, I’m sure he’ll be glad to talk to you about it)

Troy’s 4 putt on the 16th

Stuey’s seven 3 putts

Stuey’s weak 8iron shaft which snapped against a tree after taking flight at the 13th

Ironic mentions:

Stuey hitting his provvy ball into a dead tree from the rough, just after asking “why is this dead tree here for, it serves no purpose.” Next action: 8iron takes flight snapping into another dead tree then only to find out that Troy had found his original ball. Oh the 8irony!

Results and revised handicaps below:

-7 Robbie

+1 Troya

+4 Chewy

+5 Smith

+8 John

+10 Zen

+11 Pusey

+12 Bagooki

+15 Tommy

+16 Stuey

CTP: Stuey

LD: Jackpot



Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 11.08.03 am

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