RESULTS – 23rd August 2014 – Collier Park

As Winter fooled us with another Summer’s like day, the WAGGL field fooled us thinking WAGGL was a cricket club, with some high scores put up on the board.

Robbie kicked off his Lake/Pines Course innings with a couple of 10s on the first two holes, but then followed that up with a birdie 2 at the par 3 3rd. A monster 15m putt from the front of the green we thought would get his front 9 back on track, but it was all just a smokescreen as a 3rd 10 at the par 4 7th, exploded his outward 9 to a 61. Robbie’s back 9 was a lot more consistent on the easier Pines Course, with an improved putter and couple of par 4s at the 11th and 18th.

Pusey was late out of the pavilion just making it onto the course in time, with a late 100m sprint straight from car park to tee. Clubs over right shoulder, unfolded buggy in his left hand and a swallowed fly completed his warm up. An inconsistent warm up, led to an inconsistent front 9 for Clint, catching a contagious 10 from Rob at the par 4 4th but grabbing a par 4 at the 6th, finishing with a 56. Another slow start to Pusey’s back 9 had him struggling to find form, but a very nice par at the par 3 16th gave him something to smile about apart from the weather.

Smith started his round well with a par 5 on the 1st and took the CTP cash at the signature par 3 over water with a lovely short iron to within a couple of metres of the front pin, finishing it off beautifully with the bird. Some missed opportunities and an unfortunate 9 at the par 4 4th rounded his first 9 at 50.  Another up and down back 9 only produced 1 par at the par 5 17th, but in the end will definitely be better for the hit out.

After travelling Europe for 6 weeks and getting over jet lag for 4, Troya also decided to ruin a perfect day by blowing out the cobwebs. No pars or blowouts on the front 9, but a watery grave and ultimate choke at the CTP cash hole, for 6 and a highlight 0 putt from off the green at the 2nd from 5m. Satisfied with the 48 after the long break. Slow start to his back 9 with 3 doubles on the trot, but found some rhythm after that with 3 pars in the last 6 to finish with a 45. However, will need to work on some courage at the money holes. Bunting is for baseball not for golf!

CTP: Smith

LD: Jackpot

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.15.22 pm

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.16.50 pm


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