The standard rules of golf as published by the R&A apply to all WAGGL rounds.

There are two exceptions to the R&A rules given the need to play public courses:

1. If a player cannot find your ball off the tee and a provisional is not possible,  the player may play a dropped  ball in the rough near the area the ball was last seen and play a shot – this is counted as the players 4th shot. This rule is expected to be fairly enforced by all WAGGL members.

2. Rake and place in all bunkers on all regular Saturday rounds unless advised otherwise.


  1. $10 per player per round toward prize pool.
  2. Gold coin donation per round toward the WAGGL Masters/punting/drinking fund.
  3. New members are required to play 3 rounds ‘off the stick’ before being given a handicap.
  4. Know your handicap for the day – it is no one elses responsibility but your own.
  5. WAGGL commitee members will make the final judgement on any disputed action or result.
  6. Unless otherwise designated, all WAGGL rounds are scored ‘off the stick’. This means you must play out the hole else DNF will be recorded for the entire round.
  7. No chippers allowed at any WAGGL round.
  8. All players must walk. No motorised carts are allowed unless otherwise advised.
  9. All players to put custom ball in hat at first tee and groups are drawn out.
  10. Live Leaderboard is used on all rounds using the Iphone app GolfCard GPS. All members with an iPhone are expected to have the app available for use each round.


All WAGGL members are expected to adhere to the standard set of guidelines as published here:


In relation to slow play – here are some additional pointers:

  1. ‘Ready Golf” – Be ready to play your shot whilst other prepare to take theirs.
  2. Take your wedge or putter with you around the green.
  3. Try to take no more then 1 practice swing.

GOLFCARD GPS – Live Leaderboard

Each tournament round will need to be set up  by accessing ‘Tournaments & Rounds’, ‘Start New Round’, ‘Tournament Round’, ‘Create Tournament’, ‘Enter Date’.

Then enter the ‘Tournament Leader’ as Waggl Year-Month-Day (eg. Waggl 12-4-29). Repeat this for same for ‘Tournament Name’.

This only needs to be done once. Subsequent groups can then access the Tournament by using the ‘Enter Tournament’ option rather than the ‘Create Tournament’ option. Simply search for the Tournament name following the naming convention above.

You will then to enter the number of players, each of their names and handicap for each of the player.

Now you can enter the score for each player after each hole. (Filling out the number of putts per player is not required).

A Live leaderboard is now available after each group has entered their score after each hole.

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