Stableford Scoring

Below is an attempt to simplify Stableford scoring:

  • Eagle = 4points
  • Birdie = 3points
  • Par = 2 points
  • Bogey = 1 point

Stableford simply a different type of scoring for a round of golf that makes the game quicker and offers a fairer competition for higher handicappers relative to both course and hole diffculty.

If your handicap is 18 or below, it is very simple – you get a shot on each of the holes relating to your handicap. Eg.

  • Carter is off a handicap of 12 (as of Oct 2012) so he gets a shot on the 12 hardest holes.
  • On a Par 4, index 15 hole if he has four shots (or par) on this hole he gets 2 points as he does not get a shot on this hole.
  • On a par 4 index 6 hole if he again has four shots (or par), he would get 3 points, as he gets an extra point relative to the difficulty of the hole.

There it become slightly more difficult to get used to the scoring is when your handicap is above 18. This is because these handicappers get an extra shot on the harder

Dan is playing of 19, so he gets on each of the 18 holes, and then an extra shot on the index 1.

Desliva is playing off 22, so he gets a shot on each of the 18 holes, and then extra shots on the Index 1, 2, 3, and 4.

HOWEVER. You cannot have 2 shots on a Par 3 (cos its basically cheating). So if a Par 3 is index 4 and you should get a shots (as Jason would in the above example), he then gets that shot on the index 5 instead of the par 3 index 4.

The committee will assist you with this and you will get to understand it and enjoy it greatly in time. Put it this way – there are some massive retards in the world, and even they understand Stableford scoring eventually.

Any questions – ask Shaun or Jarrad.


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